Application process for the Daman Art Exchange Program.

Every year Emirati artists from all disciplines and of all age can apply for the Daman Art Exchange Program.

However, an important criterion is the serious interest in working with printing techniques as serigraphy or even some first experiences with the same. The Daman Art Exchange program is aiming to give the opportunity to artists to learn or further develop their skills with this important artistic technique.

Applications can be handed in throughout the year at any time digitally. The application should consist of a short motivation letter in English, the latest CV and a portfolio of art works showing the development of the last years. Applications should be forwarded digitally with the keyword “Application Daman Art Exchange Program”.

We are looking forward to receiving your kind application!


Apply now!

Until 4th of january emirati artists can apply for the Art Exchange Program 2016.

Questions & Answers

Yes, the application is free of charge for every applicant.

Yes, the provision of the following documents is an important requirement for the application:

– Motivation letter
– Portrait Picture
– CV- Document
– Expose-Document with overview of art works

Without the provision of these information the application is incomplete and can’t be considered valid.

Expose stands for a selection of art works over a period of time.

Based on the expose the art works of the respective artist will be evaluated. It is recommended to show art works from different years to enable the committee to see the development of the artist.

No, once the application has been completed and handed in, the applicant can not access or change the same later. Requests for any changes in the submitted application by applicants can not be accepted.

Yes, the Grant Program does include provision of housing/accommodation

Yes, the Grant Program does include provision of travel allowances and an additional monetary allowances for the same.

No, artists who have been receiving a grant for the Art Exchange Program can not apply twice.

No, there is no minimum or fixed attendance defined within the program time in the Art House. Every grant is free to use the studios in accordance to their demand and schedule.

However, the grant holder must ensure that the production of the art edition will be completed within given timelines and in expected quality.

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